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Along the way, we have gained a wealth of experience in a wide range of areas within music in the media and press…

The Problem

we have encountered time and time again instances of artists, labels or other music industry figures getting ripped off by cowboy traders, regular problems we hear of are:

  • inefficient and unprofessional service - where deadlines are not met, the supplier disappears off the face of the earth or a general lack of communication

  • overpriced products - due to the nature of the creative services on offer there is very rarely industry standard pricing, many as a result take advantage of this especially preying on new or young artists or entrants to the music industry

  • lack of clear terms of engagement, pricing and structure - terms of project are not set from the beginning to establish a level of clarity, direction and trust

The Solution

Our aim is to solve all of this by providing the necessary media services required to get your virtual window shop in shit hot condition, whilst also providing affordable and flexible packages. Whether you can only afford an artist bio one month, press shots the next and artist logo after or all in one go, we can make this process stress-free and smooth for you.

The Services

We offer a range of services as well as bespoke packages catering for everyone trying to carve out a career in music or related industries;

Branding Guides - this will normally come before any other part of the process as we sit down and discuss the way in which you wish your brand to be perceived and create a guide for you to use as an artist, event, organisation or record label. This allows you to deliver a consistent message through your bio, press shots, logo and your overall brand voice.

Copywriting - we write all types of copy from artist biographies, press releases for labels, website copy-writing and beyond. We have the ability to craft the writing narrative to your needs even if the project is a little different from the norm. Our focus is to provide you with the best possible copy suited to your brand image, tone and voice.

We have written biographies for Aaran D / Bearface / Fleur Shore / GruuvElement’s / James Burton / Jay De Lys / Joe Baxter / Miguel Lobo / Port Manteau / Sophia Essél / SOSA / Tim Taylor / Waitz

Electronic Press Kits - using our knowledge on what prospective promoters, media outlets look for in an EPK we can offer flexible and affordable packages. Whether you want an online press pack web-page, an offline EPK or the full package we will deliver the bespoke package required.

Press Shots - we work with trusted industry leader Luke Curtis, who has shot and worked with some of the most respected brands and names in dance music: ALISHA, Artikal, DJMag, Elrow, Hot Since 82, HTC, Jacky, Mixmag, Nick Curly, Professional Photo Magazine, The Streets, Time Out London and Tini. Luke has also been a speaker at industry conferences: Brighton Music Conference, International Music Summit College Malta, London Music Conference, Tether Talk and The Photography Show.

Social Media Management - we have been managing multiple social media accounts on core platforms Facebook, Instagram and Twitter since 2011, creating social media scheduling templates and implementing to deliver a strong social media footprint for our artists and clients. This includes continual engagement and replying to messages in the brand voice and ensuring continuity across all core platforms to save you time to deal with the important stuff, making music, releasing music or anything between.

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