Press Release

We are pleased to usher in a new era and rebrand of 1712 Artists to Elevate Artists.

Since 2015, 1712 Artists had forged a new path where artist development and well-being is at the core of an artist management, led by founder Jack Broom.

At the beginning of 2019 we saw the 1712 Artists family grow further with the addition of Callum Hughes as an artist management assistant, Callum's ambition, beliefs and values were a natural fit coupled with his tenacity and clear leadership skills. It was a no-brainer for Jack to evolve their work dynamic into what is now Elevate Artists.

The new logo demonstrates an upward trajectory, much in the same way our aim is to develop and elevate artists careers. We are proud to say all of our artists past and present progress, as do we.

With the new rebrand comes about some organisational and structural changes which will allow us to offer new services: copywriting - artist bios, press releases and websites, event brand management and social media management. We will also be launching our own industry podcast aptly named 'Getting to the Roots' discussing current trends and addressing real issues we face in our industry, sponsored by well-being organisation 'Me Myself and Mind' and our very own Fleur Shore's 'Undergrowth' club brand.

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